Hörninge farm - Sweden

Hörninge Farm is in Sweden’s most cow-densely populated region, on the northern tip of the island of Öland. So it’s fitting that it should be one of the first farms in Sweden to install a DeLaval AMR™.

A growing business

When farmer Stefan Johansson decided to invest in DeLaval AMR™ he had 150 cows that were milked by staff twice a day on a double herringbone. Now, six months since the cows were moved into a new state-of-the-art barn, it’s the AMR that’s doing the milking chores.

Stefan has more than doubled the size of his herd without increasing the number of staff.

Not surprisingly, the labour savings have made a big difference on the farm. Stefan has more than doubled the size of his herd without increasing the number of staff. Instead of 150 cows a day, they now handle 360 cows a day. And this is only stage one of a plan. The new barn has been designed for further expansion - to accommodate up to 100 – 200 more cows. 

DeLaval AMR is the ideal system for farms in expansion because it is so easy to add new cows to the herd. New cow data can be directly transferred to DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Manager from MS Excel or other standard solutions – it’s effective and hassle-free. Additionally, there are no delays in milking. The AMR robots’ unique 3D cameras automatically learn the shape and size of each teat at a cow’s first milking. This information is then used and updated at each milking throughout a lactation. And finally, the cows tend to appreciate being milked by the robots. It’s the same calming process every time – no tired milkers nearing the end of a shift.

The new role of the milker

Instead of milking, milkers tend to the calves and heifers, manage the feeding or carry out other farm management tasks while the cows are on the AMR. 

The first milking shift on Hörninge Farm starts at 4.30 am and finishes at 11 am. The second milking starts at 3 pm and ends 9.30 pm. Milking is now a part-time job for one person during a shift. The “milker” collects the cows and looks them over to make sure they are in good condition. The five task-specific robots then take care of the rest: teat cleaning, pre-milking, cup attachment, quarter milking and teat spraying – before the cows are automatically guided back to the barn. Farm manager can also keep an eye on milking status in DeLaval DelPro™, via a smart phone app. It’s a far cry from cupping and cleaning all day.

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