Dairy farm management

Every day, there are hundreds of decisions to be made on the farm. Decisions that no matter how small, will have an impact on the overall health of your herd, the quality and quantity of milk produced and the profitability of your operations.

Many of these are taken automatically during the course of the day – others require more time and effort to ensure the right outcome. With an effective farm management system these processes can be significantly streamlined.

DelPro™ Farm Manager brings together the different elements of your dairy farm in one centralised unit. The data collated from these can help you achieve:

ReproductionBetter reproduction

Growing your business means having an effective and successful breeding programme.

Effective feedingEffective feeding

Not only does it account for a large percentage of annual costs, the difference between getting it right and getting it wrong is considerable.

Improved herd healthImproved herd health

DelPro™ Farm Manager provides you with much of the data you need to run your operations pro-actively rather than reactively.


At the end of the day your efforts come down to your ability to produce the greatest amount of high quality milk in the most efficient manner.

More efficient performance and manpowerMore efficient performance and manpower

No matter whether you have 50 cows or 50,000 cows, ensuring time spent on the farm is used efficiently can make a big difference to your operations.

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