Successful breeding

Growing your business means having an effective and successful breeding programme.

Ideally your cows will be impregnated every 12 -13 months. To ensure they are in the best condition for this each animal has to go through the correct stages of build-up in a timely fashion. With DelPro™ Farm Manager you have a series of effective tools that can help you to achieve this.

On this page you can find information on:
Abortion event, Breeding summary, Calving event, Dry-off event, Estrus reports, Insemination event, Semen registry, Pregnancy check event

The breeding process can be further improved by connecting DelPro™ Farm Manager to Herd Navigator™, the most effective heat detection tool on the market.

Abortion event

In this function you store all information on cow abortions. This way you have a handy record of the data, which you can use to decide if a cow should be inseminated at a later date or sold.

Data input requirement: abortion records
Main benefits: complete histogram of cow abortions

Breeding summary

For farmers of large herds this feature automatically informs you which cows are eligible for breeding in the coming week based on the 21-day cycle. With activity meters it’s also possible to detect which cows are most active and therefore more likely to be in heat.

For an exact breeding schedule Herd Navigator™ can be connected to DelPro™ Farm Manager.

Recommended device:
activity meter/ Herd Navigator™
Data input requirement: initial breeding period
Main benefits: regular reminders of breeding cycle

Calving event

In this feature you can record the dates of calving. This data can be used to calculate lactation events, as well as future breeding and dry-off periods.

Data input requirement: calving data
Main benefits: histogram of calving

Dry off event

If your cows are being treated with antibiotics or have completed a milking cycle they will be entering a dry-off period. In this feature you can set notifications to inform you when the dry-off period is over as well as record the dry-off event of the particular animal.

Data input requirement: dry-off period
Main benefits: alerts of dry-off periods

Estrus reports

Estrus reports automatically notify you if any cows in the herd are due for insemination on a particular day. Depending on the type of data you have entered in the reproduction tools the report will include such information as which semen to use, how the cow has reacted in the past, how active she has been in recent days, etc

Data input requirement: variable
Main benefits: daily notifications on which cows should be inseminated

Insemination event

In this feature you can record all data regarding insemination for individual animals. Data such as date of insemination, which semen was used from the semen registry and how the animal reacted, should be recorded.  With a full insemination histogram you can plan your insemination program accordingly.

Data input requirement: insemination data
Main benefits: histogram of insemination for individual cows

Semen registry

The semen registry is a register of all the available semen for your cows. It can be compared with the data in the insemination event to calculate which cows react best to which semen.

Data input requirement: semen register
Main benefits: list of semen used on farm

Pregnancy check event

In the Pregnancy check event you simply record whether or not a cow is pregnant when she should be. This gives you a quick overview of how individual cows are reacting to insemination.

Data input requirement: pregnancy data
Main benefits: histogram of pregnancy rates

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Calf management

Calf managemet

The health of calves depends heavily on the level of care they receive.

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