DelPro™ Farm Manager

Farm Management as it should be. 

DelPro™ Farm Manager is the ideal system for farmers who want a professional farm management solution that can monitor, record and analyse data from different areas of the dairy farm, in order to support improved decision-making.

The most advanced farm management system to date

DelPro™ Farm Manager brings the different elements of your dairy farm together in one centralised system. It offers unrivalled data storage and reporting and analysis tools that simplify the day-to-day decision making process on dairy farms.

Features include everything from the production of automatic vet lists and herd and milking system summary reports to timed artificial insemination and feed ration calculations.

DelPro Farm Manager and VMS

The flexible system works equally well with a VMS station, a rotary, a stanchion or a herringbone parlour. This means that farmers can change or upgrade their milking equipment without having to change farm management software, thus retaining their existing herd database.

What’s more, for large-scale farms, multiple system controllers can be connected to one master control unit.This means you can monitor all your operations, regardless of how many milking systems or cows you have, from one central point on the farm.

The flexible system also provides a secure connection to the internet. This means that you can automate data exchange with authorities, dairies and other third parties, such as vets, nutritionists and consultants – something that reduces administrative duties considerably – without having to worry about viruses or malware.

DelPro Farm Manager - Farm Management as it should be

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