Effective feeding

Effective feeding is one of the foundations of your dairy farming operations. Not only does it account for a large percentage of annual costs, the difference between getting it right and getting it wrong is considerable. DelPro™ Farm Manager has been designed to help ensure you get it right.

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Auto ration calculation, Feed storage & inventory, Feedstuffs Feed tables and assignments

DelPro™ Farm Manager can be connected to the Optimat™ feeding system. This enables you to manage feed recipes, dosages and the kitchen itself, directly from your farm computer. You can also connect individual feed stations to DelPro™ Farm Manager. This way you can plan and deliver feed on an individual cow basis.

Furthermore, if you have a VMS Smart Connect or a Remote Farm Connector, you can provide remote access to data in your system to a nutritionist or vet who can advise if any additives should be added to the ration of a particular cow or group.

Auto ration calculation

Based on calculations by your nutritionist or feed advisor, DelPro™ Farm Manager can automatically update the individual rations of a cow in accordance with its performance. The system can take into consideration how much cows consume at the feeding tables, and allocate the required individual dosage to a particular feed station. This way you maximise cow performance while optimising feed costs.

Data input requirement: nutritionist’s calculations and feed tables
Main benefits: automated calculation of optimal feed rations

Feed storage & inventory

The feed storage and inventory feature records the current status of your feed inventory. Whenever you receive delivery of feed the amounts should be entered into the system as well as the cost of the feed. As recipes are created and feed is consumed, DelPro™ Farm Manger records the inventory levels and notifies you when they reach a predefined minimum amount. You can then place an order for delivery of more feed.

Recommended device: Optimat™ feeding system    
Data input requirement: feed deliveries
Main benefits: histogram of feed consumed and costs / alarms when feed is running low


Feedstuffs is essentially a histogram of the different feeds that you have used. Whenever your nutritionist recommends a new feed type of recipe this data can be logged in the system. You can then monitor your cow’s response to a new recipe and, depending on the results, instruct the kitchen to prepare it again to be distributed by Optimat™ or ask your nutritionist to alter the recipe. With a complete histogram of feeding you can benchmark different recipes and alter your feeding pattern based on performance results at specific times in a group’s cycle.

Recommended device:
Optimat™ feeding system
Data input requirement: recipes feed stuff
Main benefits
: complete histogram of feed recipes

Feed tables and assignments

Based on the calculations of your nutritionist, DelPro™ Farm Manager can create assignments that update the feed of groups according to feed tables. This data is then shared with the Optimat™ feeding system to ensure the right recipe arrives at the feeding table. The same process can also be applied to individual feeding o cows.

Recommended device:  Optimat™ feeding system
Data input requirement: feed table specifics and assignment data
Main benefits: atomised feeding according to nutritionist’s calculations

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A good feeding regime is the foundation for profitable dairy farming.

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Optimat™ feeding system

Optimat™ feeding system

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