Improved herd health

Improved herd health

DelPro™ Farm Manager provides you with much of the data you need to run your operations pro-actively rather than reactively. In other words it enables you to focus on safeguarding the health of your herd, thus reducing the need for treatment.

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For those animals that do need special attention, DelPro™ Farm Manager is ideal for famers who want to manage by exception. It helps in the continuous battle against mastitis and other health issues by providing constant updates on individual members of the herd. It retrieves data from a wide range of sources, and creates automatic reports warning you if any cows are in need of attention for suspected problems* such as:

  • Postpartum events
  • Metabolic events
  • Udder Health events
  • Gastric events
  • Foot events
  • Vaccination and Treatment events

Naturally, the more devices that are connected to DelPro™Farm Manager the more detailed the reporting. With up to 12 different “health oriented” features, it’s up to you to decide how much data you want to receive, log and process on your herd.

Bacteria sample

In this feature you can log all bacteria sample data. This is then automatically added to the animal history log and the herd summary statistics. If the bacteria levels are above a certain threshold for a particular animal, an instant notification will be issued notifying you that the cow requires special attention.

The entire process can be streamlined by connecting Herd Navigator™ to DelPro™ Farm Manager. It enables the entire bacteria sample process – from sample collection to testing, logging and notification – to be automated.

Recommended device: Herd Navigator™
Data input requirement: milk sample
Main benefits: full history of bacteria among herd


In this feature you can store predefined drug set-ups – prescriptions, dosages, etc. – required to treat common health issues. This way you view them instantly and begin treating a cow whenever your vet diagnoses a cow with an illness.

Data input requirement: drug set-ups
Main benefits: instant library of treatments


Every time a cow is treated you can store any data about the treatment, recovery process, etc. in this feature. With a record on hand at all times of the different treatments that a cow has received over the course of her lifetime, you and/or your vet can get an instant overview of the general health of an animal. This information can prove essential when considering breeding programs and making culling decisions, among other things.

Data input requirement: administered treatment
Main benefits: histogram of treatment of individual cows


DelPro™ Farm Manager enables you to create a protocol for the administration of vaccinations. You can group cows according to preference e.g. heifers, dry cows, pregnant cows, etc., and set the system to automatically alert you when vaccinations are due – periodically, annually or otherwise. DelPro™ Farm Manager also keeps a record of all the vaccinations that your cows have received.

Data input requirement: vaccinations protocol
Main benefits: vaccination alerts/histogram of vaccinations of individual cows

Vet visits

Whenever a cow has been singled-out for attention, DelPro™ Farm Manager can automatically generate lists for you or your vet. You can decide if you want a full histogram of the cow’s life or just certain specific details relating to the particular issue. The vet visit module provides a work sheet list for the visit and a fast and user-friendly way to record the results and treatments in the system.

Data input requirement: results from vet visit
Main benefits: faster, better documented treatment of cows

Body Conditioning Score (BCS)

The BCS module enables you to record the body conditioning score of your cows throughout their lives. This can be used to select feed or nutrition programs and record the effects. It can also be used as a tool to follow the progress of cattle through the breeding and calving process, recording such things as build-up.

Data input requirement: BCS score of individual cows
Main benefits: histogram of cows body condition score


By accurately measuring the conductivity of milk, DelPro™ Farm Manager can act as an early warning system against mastitis. The systems gathers data from milk meters and sends alarms based on (editable) pre-programmed parameters. The greater the number of dead cells the greater the conductivity.

By connecting Herd Navigator™ to DelPro™ Farm Manager you can get a complete herd health early warning system.

Required device: milk meter
Recommended device: Herd Navigator™
Data input requirement: cell count parameters
Main benefits: herd health early warning system

*Warnings will only be generated if DelPro™ Farm Manager is connected to the appropriate equipment. For a full list of which equipment applies to which features contact your local DeLaval sales representative.

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