Quality milk

At the end of the day your efforts come down to your ability to produce the greatest amount of high quality milk in the most efficient manner.

DelPro™ Farm Manager can be programmed to monitor the performance of virtually all direct milk related operations on the farm. This enables you to benchmark with previous months and/or other barns or parlours to analyse how the best results were achieved.

On this page you can find information on:
Milk price, Group milk flow, Milk for internal use, Milk shipment, Problem yields, Milk volume and quantity reports, Total milk production,

DelPro™ Farm Manager can also be used to store any milk related data. With this record you can review your overall performance at any time.

Milk price

The milk price feature allows you to keep a record of all your milk transactions with the dairy. It provides an easy-to-use function for logging data on every shipment including:
-    kg received
-    price
-    penalties
-    issues

Data input requirement: milk transaction details
Main benefits: complete histogram of milk prices

Group milk flow

Group milk flow is a herd management tool for large scale farms. It allows you to view and verify any variations in the milk flow of a particular group of cows.

Required device: milk meter
Main benefits: record of milk flow variations

Milk for internal use

This feature lets you record the amount of milk that is stored for internal use. This is particular important if you want to calculate the average milking rate per employee or view how much milk is being used on the farm.

Required device: milk meter
Data input requirement: amount of milk kept on the farm
Main benefits: record of milk used on farm

Milk shipment

In this feature you can record the amount of milk that you ship to the dairy on a daily basis. This allows you to monitor milking quantities and view and react on positive or negative trends.

Required device: milk meter
Data input requirement: amount of milk shipped
Main benefits: record of milk shipped

Problem yields

This allows you to keep a record of the quantities of milk that were disposed of due to problems such as cows on antibiotics.

Required device: milk meter
Data input requirement: disposed milk
Main benefits: record of milk disposed of

Milk volume and quanlity reports

This allows you to keep a record of the volume and quality of milk that was shipped to the dairy. Data such as quantity, protein count, somatic cell count, etc. that is provided by the dairy, should all be recorded.

Data input requirement: volume and quality data from dairy
Main benefits: histogram of milk volume and quality

Total milk production

This feature combines all of the above features. It allows you to easily access and view the data from a single entry point.

Data input requirement: see other milking tools
Main benefits: overview of all milk related data

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