Manure handling

Manure handling

DeLaval manure systems contribute directly to the profitable running of your farm: from planning to hard-working products to service by qualified DeLaval technicians.


Manure handling is a key point for the global revenue of your day-to-day operation.

  • Clean barn environment helps you to keep good hygiene in your barn, reducing hoof problems and veterinary costs
  • Clean animals reduce milking preparation time in cleaning the udders of the cows, making the milker’s time more efficient
  • Clean milking sessions secure milk quality and value
  • Efficient manure handling reduces ammonia emissions by keeping the nutrient value for fertilisation in an increasingly expensive fertiliser market.

Animal welfare

With efficient manure handling you ensure low ammonia emissions and a clean barn and animals, which increase the welfare of your herd. Cow friendly design and efficiency is a constant focus for the large range of hard-working products and solutions from DeLaval.


When handled in a proper way, manure can be used as a farm resource reducing the environmental impact of phosphate, ammonia and methane emissions. DeLaval manure systems are developed to offer the best solutions for a sustainable dairy operation.

Social responsibility

Manure handling can be a focus locally because of neighbourhoods or authorities needing pro-active solutions and systems in order to ensure minimum impact from farm operations.

Importance of a system approach

DeLaval offers complete systems for all types of barns. These provide effective and reliable methods for handling all manure types. Furthermore, an efficient manure system preserves the fertiliser value of manure. DeLaval manure systems contribute directly to the profitable running of your farm: from planning to hard-working products to service by qualified DeLaval technicians. Our profitable manure handling concept applies to all dairy farms around the world. We take into consideration the type of manure, barn layout including relatively complicated alley designs for VMS barns, loose housing, large operations, grassland systems and more.

Solutions for today and tomorrow

Our manure systems are a cornerstone of a farm’s future. We actively comply to local and national legislation regarding manure handling and offer environmentally friendly solutions.

DeLaval manure systems are low on energy consumption, highly reliable and cost effective. A system approach lets you plan for greater capacity in the future, as your herd grows, in a sustainable and profitable way.


Not all DeLaval products are available in all countries.

For information about the availability of a specific product, please contact your DeLaval dealer.

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