20 years DeLaval VMS™

Come and celebrate 20 years of robotic milking with us.

If you haven’t seen the DeLaval VMS™ in action you should really take the chance to do it this year. Over 200 farms across Europe are opening their doors as part of our 20-year celebrations of automatic milking. Don’t miss this chance to hear your neighbours’ farming stories.

Click on the map below to find the nearest one to you.

VMS map

Always first in innovation

Back in 1997, 45 engineers worked around the clock to finalise the DeLaval VMS™ to ensure we launched the most advanced platform on the market. With a host of patents, the DeLaval VMS™ had the first touch screen, the first teat cleaner, the first real quarter milking system, and the first rear plate to secure hygiene. Here are some key milestones in the VMS innovation journey.

20 years of VMS

1997: DeLaval redesigned and finalised the Voluntary Milking System

1998: First DeLaval VMS™. Installed at five family farms in Sweden

2000: First DeLaval VMS™. with real quarter milking

2001: 100th DeLaval VMS™. station is ordered.

2005: Start-up of 1000th VMS at a farm in the Netherlands

2005: First DeLaval VMS™. with somatic cell count data via the unique automatic OCC™ system

2006: First DeLaval VMS™. installed with Herd Navigator™

2010: DeLaval AMR™, the world’s first  fully automatic milking rotary with real quarter milking is launched

2015: DeLaval VMS™. is much more than a milking robot – new model with BCS camera is launched

2017: DeLaval celebrates 20 years of EXPERTISE on AMS business with almost 15.000 references

The next generation

The next generation

Over the past 20 years DeLaval VMS™ has been through many technological advancements to help improve the dairy farming operation. The latest generation of DeLaval VMS™ is DeLaval VMS™ Spectra, with unique body condition scoring capabilities.

That DeLaval VMS™ feeling

Once you experience dairy farming with a DeLaval VMS™ you never want to go back to conventional milking systems. It offers you more freedom to manage your farm or take on other responsibilities.  Here are just some of the 10,000 plus DeLaval VMS™ farmers’ stories.

DeLaval VMS farmer

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