DeLaval VMS™ Supra

DeLaval VMS™ Supra

The ultimate milking system that provides accurate udder health monitoring.

VMS™ Supra is equipped with the Online Cell Counter (OCC) that counts the somatic cells in a milk sample. OCC provides you with consistent and accurate information during the milking
of each cows udder.

The OCC will guide the user to automatically divert milk according to defined parameters, and to separate cows for inspection if so desired. MDi, Milk Detection Index, helps you to get an overview of cow behaviour during your daily follow-ups.

The cow calendar sends you regular alerts for when a cow is due for insemination in accordance with her 21-day cycle and activity measurement.

Feed cows right

  • DelPro™ feeding module
  • Auto feed calculator
  • Optional feed station

DeLaval has a patented qualification system which ensures every cow gets the correct amount of feed both in the VMS and/or in the DeLaval feed station.

DelPro Farm Manager controls feeding in both DeLaval feed stations and VMS.

Improve udder health

  • DelPro MDi
  • OCC

OCC gives an exact cell count per milking for each individual cow. Bulk milk tank cell counts can also be controlled.

Every 7 days average SCC per cow is available.

Automatic milk permission based on yield and time (patented) optimizes milking interval. This increases milk yield per milking and improves udder health.

Get cows pregnant

  • DelPro Monitor Board
  • Cow calendar
  • Optional : activity meters

The DelPro management system provides information on all individual cows (cow calendar always included). The optional activity meters deliver accurate heat detection.

DelPro Farm Manager combines cow calendar with DeLaval remote activity measurements. This ensures a high accuracy of heat control amongst your herd.

Download the brochure about DeLaval VMS™ Supra [pdf]

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Betriebsmanagement-System DelPro™ Farm Manager

DeLaval VMS™ Supra

The only automatic milking system that delivers.

Accurate udder health control
Precise quarter milk measurements
Up to 3,000 litres of milk/day

Equipped with

Mastitis Detection
Index technology
Online cell counter OCC

Ready for

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