DeLaval VMS™ Supra+

DeLaval VMS™ Supra+

VMS™ Supra+ is the ultimate milking system, equipped with DeLaval Herd Navigator™. Focus on the cows that need attention. Save time and increase profitability with the ultimate milking system.

Herd Navigator™ shows cows which are in heat with an accuracy level of 95%. On top of that it finds cows with silent heat, detects abortions, cysts (luteal and follicular) and confirms that your cows are pregnant.

Furthermore, Herd Navigator also finds the cow in your herd which has a high risk for ketosis or mastitis - before any clinical signs are visible.

All this is done automatically and presented in a compiled list in DelPro™ Farm manager, you just have to follow the actions Herd Navigator recommends you to do. This saves time and increases your farm profitability.

Feed cows right

Get rid of clinical and even sub-clinical ketosis and react before your cow gets sick and production stops.

Optimize your feeding by adjusting the energy balance in your feed ration and gain optimal production levels with healthy cows.

Herd Navigator provides accurate data that supports your daily herd management operations.

Improve udder health

Notifications from Herd Navigator inform you if a cow is in danger of contracting acute mastitis three days before you can notice it on her.

You can trust the system and react before production drops and before administering antibiotic treatment.

Get cows pregnant

95% heat detection rate - including detection of silent heat, gives you the chance to skip the daily monitoring of heat signs of your herd: Herd Navigator will pinpoint the cows which in heat and must be inseminated.

You have the possibility of practicing active health control as the system gives you notifications about (follicular and luteal) cysts, anoestrus and abortions.

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Betriebsmanagement-System DelPro™ Farm Manager

DeLaval VMS™ Supra+

The only automatic milking system that delivers.

No. 1 in reproduction management
Accurate udder health control
Up to 3,000 liters of milk/day

Equipped with

Mastitis Detection
Index technology

 Ready for Herd Navigator

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