DeLaval VMS™

DeLaval VMS™

DeLaval VMS™ is the ultimate milking system. It enables you to harness up to 3000 litres of milk per day per unit.

It is equipped with mastitis detection index MDi technology and a cow calendar as standard. MDi measures conductivity per quarter, blood per quarter and milking interval per quarter of a cow, and alerts you if the animal is at risk of developing mastistis in that quarter.

The cow calendar send you regular alerts e.g. when a cow is due for insemination according to the 21-day cycle and activity measurement.

Feed cows right

  • DelPro feeding module
  • Auto feed calculator
  • Automatic feed time control

DelPro feed tables and automatic feed calculation can provide the exact feed amount for each cow based on accurate milk yield.

Automatic feed time control ensures that during milking you can feed individually without any rest feed in the manger.

Improve udder health

  • DelPro MDi
  • Quarter milking

Milk quality and milk diverting is controlled with unique MDi (milk detection index) that combines several measurements to reach high reliability.

With accurate quarter milking, take off per quarter occurs at exactly the right moment to ensure good udder health.

Get cows pregnant

  • DelPro cow monitor
  • Cow calendar
  • Activity meters

Cow monitor highlights the cows and quarters that need your attention with colors and trend indication.

DelPro herd graph shows the status of each individual cow on one screen. This provides you with a very quick and accurate overview of the whole herd.

Download the brochure about DeLaval VMS™, VMS™ Supra and VMS™ Supra+ [pdf]

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