DeLaval steam backflush SBF

The fight against mastitis is relentless and as a dairy farmer, you need all the help you can get to keep your herd fully productive and free from infection. The DeLaval steam backflush option for DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS provides added protection against mastitis.

This steam unit, specifically designed to work with VMS, will sanitise the teat preparation cup and the four teat cups between each milking in order to reduce the potential of cross-contamination from one cow to another.

Between each milking, the teat cups are first flushed with cold water to remove milk proteins. Each cup is then sanitized with pulses of steam for several seconds. Steam is very efficient in removing fat and sugars, and can reach into tiny crevices that would be left untouched by ordinary cleaning methods. Finally the cups are rinsed with cold water to bring the inside temperature of the liners down to a comfortable level, making them safe to use for the next milking.

The use of steam ensures that you can obtain a level of cleanliness that is often not possible through other cleaning methods. Steam effectively kills the pathogens that cause mastitis. And since only water is used throughout the entire cleaning process, there is no risk of contaminating foodstuffs through the use of detergents.

Steam Backflush – how you benefit

  • Greatly reduced risk of contamination
  • Non-toxic, no chemical residues in the milk
  • Extra peace of mind, extra protection
  • Low power consumption
  • Achieves level of cleanliness not possible with other methods
  • Fully compatible with DeLaval VMS automated milking


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