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DeLaval VMS approved

Once you have made your life easier by milking with DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS, you will achieve the best results by using compatible solutions recommended for DeLaval VMS – the VMS approved essentials.

The new VMS approved quality mark identifies DeLaval solutions that best match the requirements of DeLaval VMS. Naturally all VMS approved solutions are thoroughly tested with the VMS and are of the highest functionality and quality to measure up to its high standards.


  •  DeLaval knows DeLaval VMS best, and you benefit from that knowledge.
  • All VMS approved solutions are extensively researched together with the VMS to ensure they are the best match for its specific requirements.
  • VMS approved solutions will be updated with any changes or improvements to DeLaval VMS, so you can be sure they keep being compatible.

Look for the VMS approved quality mark and benefit from DeLaval expertise to reach your goals. Take advantage of our competence in all aspects of voluntary milking so your VMS continues to deliver peak performance and control farm profitability.

Superior stimulation and fine filtration

DeLaval liner 20M-VMS

DeLaval designs and manufactures liners specifically for the DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS. They are designed to keep teat cups in place for efficient faster milking with fewer slips. Together with the advanced attachment strategies, DeLaval liner 20M-VMS ensures peak performance and enhanced cow comfort.

DeLaval VMS milk filter

The milk filter in an automated milking system must work perfectly at all times. It has an important function in milk quality control. So DeLaval VMS milk filter is designed to do exactly what is needed in the VMS. It slots precisely into the VMS filter unit to efficiently filter out clots, flecks and dirt. This milk filter, made in DeLaval exclusive blue, non-woven, wet-laid material, helps to maintain high standards of hygiene in your quality milk production.

Post-milking protection

DeLaval Prima

DeLaval Prima has been tested in voluntary milking systems in several European countries. This post-milking teat spray contains hydrogen peroxide for effective teat disinfection to keep teats and udder in excellent condition. DeLaval Prima is also enriched with emollients to ensure that the teat skin stays soft and supple through many milkings. The teat spray’s superior spraying qualities ensure that the teat is fully covered, blocking bacteria from entering the teat sphincter. Its technical spray quality plus the emollient content makes DeLaval Prima the optimal solution for your DeLaval VMS.

Proactive™ Plus

DeLaval developed this iodine based post-milking teat spray through thorough research and extensive testing in a DeLaval VMS. Proactive™ Plus, with high levels of free iodine and improved skin caring capacity, reduces the chance of mastitis infections and promotes healing. With its unique and patented technologies I-tech and ACT, Proactive™ Plus keeps teats and teat end supple and healthy even under the most challenging conditions.

Efficient hygiene


DeLaval Cidmax is an ultra powerful acid detergent for cleaning your DeLaval VMS. A potent and persistent descaler in hard or soft water, Cidmax is tough on bacteria and gentle on the materials in your DeLaval VMS. Using Cidmax ensures you keep a high level of hygiene in your quality milk production. It is ideal for use in alkaline dominated or alternating cleaning routines in your DeLaval VMS.


DeLaval Ultra is a chorinated alkaline detergent with added phosphate to boost cleaning power in hard water conditions. With Ultra you will achieve excellent cleaning and disinfection results in your DeLaval VMS. The proven effectiveness of DeLaval Ultra in the system’s integrated cleaning unit reduces cleaning time and increases milking capacity.


DeLaval Cid is an acid detergent for effective descaling in soft to medium hard water conditions. It gives excellent cleaning results in DeLaval VMS, and is ideal for use in alternate cleaning routines.

Smooth operation

DeLaval hydraulic oil Bio

DeLaval hydraulic oil Bio is premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oil designed to provide maximum hydraulic stability and trouble-free service in your DeLaval VMS. High performance DeLaval hydraulic oil Bio keeps the DeLaval VMS hydraulic arm working as flexibly and gently as it did on its first day of operation. Maintaining this flexibility is important: it enables more cows to be milked in DeLaval VMS as the arm readily adapts to slight variations in cow udder shapes.

DeLaval hydraulic oil Bio is bio-degradable, to help you reduce your environmental footprint.

DeLaval vacuum pump oil

Vacuum pump capacity is vital for quality milk production, good udder health and cleaning milking systems. The original high performance DeLaval vacuum pump oil maintains maximum performance in your vacuum pump long-term. The quality and viscosity of this oil is well suited to the specific needs of your DeLaval VMS.

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Not all DeLaval products are available in all countries.

For information about the availability of a specific product, please contact your DeLaval dealer.

Meet a VMS farmer

Anette Lind who, together with her husband Ole, runs a herd of 260 cows at Lysterbjerggaard in Denmark, has both a VMS and Herd Navigator

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