Sales contact

No matter where you are in the world, we are always there for you. Our dealer network runs across the whole Great Britain.

We operate in more than 120 markets and deliver around half of all the milking equipment sold worldwide.

Aftermarket District Sales Managers for Great Britain

Edwin Craggs - Scotland and Northern England 
07836 313209

Sam Kirton - Wales and Central England
07769 728250

John Lewis - Southern England and South West
07966 973302

Conventional Milking Systems District Sales Managers for Great Britain

North England and Scotland
02920 775800

Hugh Black - South West 
07730 622462 

Scott Patrick - Wales and Central England
07826 915510

Automatic Milking Systems Sales Managers for Great Britain

Adrian Jose - South
07730 622461 

Ciaran Murphy - North England and Scotland
07917 476003

Stephen Elsdon - Wales and Midlands
07831 608563

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