Milking Sheep and Goats

A dairy farm’s capital is the flock. Future success depends on literally milking that capital to the fullest, while protecting future development.

DeLaval is dedicated to helping dairy farmers maximise profit through professional flock management solutions. This includes flock systems tailored to meet individual quality milk production needs, now and in the future.

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Modern, compact parallel sheep and goat parlours from DeLaval are based on years of experience and designed to make the milker’s work both safe and ergonomically sound. The animals are milked from behind giving the operator easy access and a good view of the udder.

DeLaval SG Parallel Parlour System

This system is ideal for medium and large flocks

DeLaval SG parallel parlour system, including Parallel stall P300SG, is the ideal solution for medium and large flocks. Its design and concept assure: high throughput, reduced labour costs, smooth animal flow and comfort and safety for both operators and animals.

DeLaval SG parallel parlour system can be combined with all DeLaval SG automation levels, from pulsation only, up to ALPRO™ flock management system.

Features of this parallel parlour include:

  • No need to count the animals, each one finds its own place.
  • Coped with behaviours of sheep and goats.
  • Milking can start as soon as first animal reaches its place.
  • Sequence gates and individual headlock per place to keep animal in proper position.
  • Vertical lift during animals’ exit for increased throughput.
  • Pneumatically operated entrance gate (optional)
  • Teaser feeding with individual mangers and possible feed portion adjustment.
  • Robust and reliable design.

Sheep Milk – The Facts

Fact 1

There’s almost twice as much vitamin D in Sheep milk and the calcium in sheep milk is vital in the fight against Osteoporosis.

Fact 2

People are often put off by the high fat level quoted in sheep milk, however remember that the so called “fats” are three fat soluble vitamins Vitamins A,D and E. The other point is that sheep milk is not as high in saturated fatty acids as other milks.

Fact 3

Intolerant to cow or goat milk? Sheep milk, yoghurt and cheeses can be the ideal alternative to many people that are Lactose intolerant.

First P300SG installation for sheep dairying

The First UK Installation of the new P300SG was milked in for the first time last Friday on a farm in Wiltshie by 150 dairy sheep.

Take a look at some of the images below:

 sheep parlour sheep parlour sheep parlour sheep parlour sheep parlour

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