There's no such thing as "just a detergent"

As bacteria count goes up, milk quality – and price – go down. That’s why you can‘t afford to take any risks when it comes to choosing the right detergent.

“We go for the highest quality of milk,” says Steve Waters. “We don’t want to take any risks.” Steve ,his wife Bev & two sons Chris &Andrew have a herd of 113 cows in Newport, South Wales. Their focus on milk qualitymeans that they need to pay extra attentionto all of the small details that can affect it.

Maintaining a low bacteria count in milkmeans paying attention to a number of factors: udder health, replacing liners whenthey need it and ensuring that milk-coolingtanks are working effectively among others.But an effective detergent is crucial to helpkeep bacteria count low.

“To deliver high quality milk with a lowbacterial count, you have to use a verygood detergent. We use DeLaval detergent,because we know we can trust it.

"If a milking system is not being cleanedproperly, you generally can’t notice it with thenaked eye. Traces of minerals, fats andproteins build up in places you can’t see.It is not until you hear back from the milkprocessor that your bacteria levels haveincreased that you know you have a problem.But by then it is too late.

When asked about using “cheap” detergents, Steve is quick to explain that there are often hidden costs associated with using cheap products that mean they are not as cheap as they seem.

“There are other detergents, that seemcheaper, but you need to use twice as much,so in the end they aren’t cheaper. DeLavaldetergent is very concentrated, so you needless of it.”There is more to it than just being a powerful cleaner however. An effective detergent mustalso be formulated so that it cleans effectively without damaging the components of your milking system. DeLaval detergents aredeveloped specifically for DeLaval milking systems. They are formulated so as not to damage the rubber components of the system such as gaskets, liners and tubes. Another thing that appeals to Steveis that they are backed by the DeLaval name. If you use a no-name brand and it doesn’t work – or worse,damages the components of your milking system– there is no one you can turn to.

“We don’t want to use copycat products,because there isn’t a company behind them.And if you get a problem, then it is a bigproblem.We have used DeLaval detergents including RX3000, Cidmax and Ultra for over 25 years and I’ll never change.

I get everything DeLaval- liners, service, Bovidip teat dip.”Because DeLaval takes a long-term approachto working with farmers, they make sure thattheir products are of the highest quality beforethey go to market. And customers know thatthey will always be there to turn to if they needthem.When the goal is high-quality milk, you needto make decisions that address all of the smalldetails.

Choosing the right detergent is one ofthe easiest decisions to make.

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